Video Editing Creates A Thought-Provoking Tone

bullet imagebullet imageRequiem for a Dream is a famous film from 2001 that told a gritty and dark narrative. Its compelling nature was developed through the use of incredible editing. The film's overall tone was one of kinetic frenzy. The craziness of hallucinogens and the ups and downs of drug use propelled the story to great new heights. But, what made that affect more powerful was the chaotic editing. The film editors intercut thousands of quick jump-edits that lasted often less than a second at a time.

The message (substance abuse will ruin anyone) was brilliantly exposed through the power of editing. Editing is widely underutilized mechanic in any video effort. Video productions for corporate purposes may not have the lofty messages of a big-budget Hollywood film, but the use of editing can be the same.

Great Video Editing is the Tone

Many professionals may speak about the tone of the video. What is the goal and what is the video trying to convey? It could be lingering ambition. It could be the lost dream and the effort to revitalize that with this one specific product. The tone is an essential piece to the puzzle, but how is it achieved? Interestingly, the tone is created because of the editing.

For example, an inspirational tone would require long and drawn out shots. The videographer can scan up into the sky, and edit in shots of people looking up at a slow and methodical pace. The video editing is creating that tone.

The Tone Can Change

Furthermore, the tone can change to fit the overall video’s purpose and message. The tone is changed by, once again, the editing. For example, the video could feature a man shopping in the grocery store. Chaotic quick cuts and swooping shots could express a theme of chaos in the grocery store.

The video could switch to a static shot of a woman shopping online. The camera does not change. The shot is held. She is buying her groceries online. One can see that the change in tone was created almost solely because of the editing. Business leaders can see this for more, with the link